Turning Your Hobby into a Business with Mike Ionita

We’ve all developed some new hobbies since the start of the pandemic: knitting, baking, ceramics — the list goes on. If you’ve fallen into a hobby that you feel passionate about, you may have considered turning it into a business. As the Creative Director and Founder of Crux Video Game Design, Mike Ionita knows exactly what that feels like. Mike Ionita has had a passion for animation for as long as he can remember and took the leap from ‘side hustle’ to business when he started his company several years ago. If you want to explore the expansion of your hobby into a business, Mike Ionita is sharing all of his best advice on how to do it successfully.

A 2017 survey found that approximately half of all Millennials had some type of ‘side hustle’. Depending on the gig, you may want to consider whether adapting a ‘for-profit’ model is a good fit for you. The pressure of meeting financial goals, adhering to a schedule, and producing a certain quota can take the joy out of something you once loved; the fun, relaxation, and personal enjoyment may no longer be present. Mike Ionita suggests considering why you want to turn this hobby into a business. If it connects to a larger purpose, there is a good chance you’re in it for the long haul.

Set a Goal and Do Your Research

Identify a Business Model and Create a Business Plan

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